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My London to Amsterdam Charity Ride (completed)


This ride has now been completed. A massive thank you to everyone who donated and helped with the fundraising, I really could not have done it without you.

For a full account of all our adventures, along with a ton of pictures, please follow THIS link.

Until the next time, thank you all so much. Over £2,500 raised personally, and over £165,000 raised as a group. All thanks to the #L2A2019 challengers.

On 26th June 2019 I will be taking part in a charity bike ride from South London to Amsterdam. This will be in aid of St Christopher's Hospice in Sydenham.

St Christopher's Hospice is an amazing charity funded hospice for palliative care in South London. They took amazing care of my late mother, and helped her find peace and enjoyment in her last months with us.

On this page you can find updates on my fundraising, as well as details on how to donate, buy raffle tickets and offer other forms of support.

Raffle tickets can be bought (until 16.00 on 20th Dec) by following the link below. Donating on the Just Giving page, and making sure you leave me your details, so I can issue your tickets. Donations in pounds will buy you ONE ticket per pound donated.

Donations after 16.00 Dec 20th will NOT get you any raffle tickets, but will be very much appreciated all the same. Future fund raisers may be run in due course. If they are, I will update this page accordingly.

Prizes for this raffle are as listed and detailed below. Thanks to everyone who has made a donation of any kind.

1st Prize TT-02 Indoor bike trainer  (£120)

2nd Prize Proviz 360 Reflect backpack (£70)

3rd Prize Robot hoover (as new)

4th Prize £50 Avon bumper pack

5th prize (x3 £10 GBK gift voucher)

6th Prize Proviz LED armband

7th Prize Bottle of wine

8th Prize £5 Sainsburys gift card.

More info on the prizes can be found here, inc thanks to the companies who so kindly donated.