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Sincerely sorry..

...To anyone who had to put up with this miserable sod wallowing in self pity yesterday, seeking emotional attention for what now seems like the sake of it.
The weekend has been a long one to say the least. With a high load of emotion and complexity (my favourite word right now).

Lots of shocks, a few nice surprises, many smiles and laughs, and ending with the devastating news about Tas. Needless to say by last night when the news started to filter through I was truly emotionally at my capacity and over flowing. If I could have gone to sleep then I'm sure I would still be sleeping now, such was the feeling of being drained of energy.

I remember very little about the drive home, other than feeling sick, and spending the whole time trying to distract myself with happy and positive thoughts from the weekend. Luckily there were plenty to keep me going along the way, so thank you for giving me those smiles.

One thing I could not escape replaying over and over in my mind was the conversation with Kim. Hearing her happy on the phone, waiting for her to find some quiet at the party she was at to hear me properly, then punching her in the stomach so hard with those words. 🙁 I'm sorry for doing that Kim. I still keep playing that over in my head.

Thank you also to Cadell for being there when the news dropped. Amazing how timing can bring you to a place of comfort just in time to receive such news. Sorry for dumping all that on you like that, especially as you were getting ready to go out. Hope my mood didn't affect your night.

I have just spoken to Dave Rolfe, a long time friend who I have not actually spoken to verbally for a long time. Quite emotive really, as it reminds me of how a close bond with someone neer really fades, and that you can always have a conversation like you last spoke only yesterday. The true sign of a friendship and its strength. Cheers for the call fella and hope to do lunch soon.

So today is starting slowly, a new dawn, a new day, opportunity to make a difference on this day. Just lacking motivation to even get out of bed right now. I'm sure I will soon though.

Right, with that in mind I better get on.

Sorry and thank you to all involved.



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