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Thank you Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

All a bit weird I know, but sometimes you don't realise the significance or impact something as simple as this can have on you. At least until you look at it from another perspective. Let me explain what I mean. Those with BBM will understand, the Applalti out there will just sneer or snarl I'm sure.

BBM is no different in principal to other IM applications, allowing chat from anywhere in the world. The differences are, there is more of a "community" with BBM so adding strangers from all over the place is not only accepted, but fun too. Especially for someone like me. Taking a peek into people lives in many countries, from different backgrounds etc. A little nerdy I know, but what can I tell ya, I like it.

Over the few years I have been using Blackberry I have built up what I like to consider quite a solid contact base. Having all sorts of "friendships" with people on there, both UK based and from thousands of miles away too. Even simple things like staying in touch with people you don't get to see everyday, and otherwise would not communicate with. During this time, many existing friends have jumped on-board the Blackberry bandwagon, and also something I never imagined has happened...

"Random adds" have turned into genuine, real, physical people. I never imagined that I would start making a habit of meeting strangers in such a way, but I have to tell you I'm glad I have. Towards the end of last summer Amber, who I had been talking to for over a year, turned up at my work. We went for a rather amusing coffee (I had a HOT chocolate), and have since hung out, done dinner and still talk quite a bit, even though she abandoned me for Europe lol.

And recently there is Cadell. Chatting since autumn last year, and now at that comfort zone of talking about anything and everything, I recently met her too. Having talked, eaten, and spent time there, not forgetting lil man Archie who really does just make you smile and laugh (hiya), there are really no stones left unturned.

I guess what I am trying to say is, BBM is a very unexpected way to expand a friend base. With the contacts I now have on BBM, some still yet to meet too, including Sammi, Rob and Lizz, I can have adult, or very childish conversations with a multitude of people. Sharing our experiences, helping each other with problems, bouncing ideas off one another, or simply (what I'm best at) just sounding off, blowing off some steam, and making sense of what's going on with something.

Escapism is probably the best way to describe it really. A quick getaway to somewhere where people can and will listen, will throw their own ideas into the pot, and a place where usually you come away from feeling a little better about the situation and yourself.
Some play a bigger role than others in this. Some you trust more to confide in, others have so much experience with life and what it can throw at you. Undoubtedly the most important thing discussed on a regular basis is of course cancer. Some having such a deep experience with this that it humbles me. Sharing their experiences and listening to mine has truly been life changing for me.

OK I won't go on too much, but I just wanted to say, thank you to those who use BBM and stay in touch. Be it from work, USA, or right here in the UK. Its great to have such a fun bunch, and trusted group of people to speak to and turn to when the need arises.

BBM Rocks!

PS if you are reading this, have a Blackberry but don't have me on your BBM.... Add me 🙂 pin:222D182E



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