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Walking all day, but still right here!

What's that all about? Both geographically and metaphorically speaking I mean. Nothing is ever as simple as a comment with me, surely you know that by now.

Today I have covered about 18 miles or so, with a combination of chores and dog walking, and I have to say there is an ulterior motive there too.. That I will sleep really well tonight. Not sure what it is, but recently my sleep has been all over the place, quite literally. Managing a few hours here and there, and sometimes going to bed and not managing a wink. So hopefully tonight after the last dog walk (that's right, not finished walking yet!), I will sleep well.

Sometimes, on days like today when so much distance is covered and I end up back here 4-5 times a day I really do wonder if the energy would be better spent getting somewhere else, away from here, rather than going back to a place of such stress SO many times a day. Its almost like self inflicted mental torture when I think about it like that.

Either way you look at it though, my heart will be grateful for the workout, my body will benefit on my mission to tone up, Nike will benefit from my destruction of another pair of their finest, and let's face it, the dogs love it.
Add that to the low calorie intake for the day, and the positives start to shine though finally. Takes some polishing to get any shine out of it though!

Then we have the metaphor of the title. Better known as being on the road to nowhere. I once read something (usually write but occasionally read) which said the aim of every day was to "make a difference" somehow. Ok so that sounds all mushy and sentimental, but think about it for a second. Is it really that hard to do without breaking a sweat. Help someone with a bag, hold a door open, hey, just make someone smile, and in that single moment you just made a difference, and made an impression on someone else. Who would then hopefully pay the favour forward and so on. What a great place it would be if that were the case.

OK, so I held the door for a couple of people while at the chemist earlier, and some other bits, but what difference have I made for myself today? Not a lot really. Picked up my medication, that's about the only thing that's gonna change anything about me, by drugging myself. Hardly an achievement eh. But all in all, I can't be that down on myself. Over recent days I know I have made a difference, and hold my head high with pride for that, but its still a disappointment when you know you could have done more.

Today has actually been an annoying day, filled with good intentions, but ruined by people with poor timing, mixed with missed opportunities. A couple of things I have not managed to do today which will have to carry over a day or 2.

However the receiving end of things has been a different story all together I have to say. Not really much I can say other than I have been kept entertained today by the wonders of BBM again, and in the company of the wonderful Cadell, how could I fail to smile and laugh 🙂 I hope the exchange has been mutual.
While it might have seemed quite a sombre mood with me today, deep inside there has been a grin all along. I have just been a bit touchy, so sorry about that.

Right that's enough mush for now, so be nice to people out there, and aim to make a difference eh 🙂



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