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Wow, now that’s a kick in the nuts!

Thank you once again to the benefits office at Lewisham Council. Thanks to you I took a lovely call from my housing organisation today, informing me that I will be served with a "Possession Notice" because of the non payment of the benefits part of my rent for over 4 weeks.

I should add that I don't blame L&Q for this, its their procedure and right to do so. And the kind lady was good enough to go on to say that they are not considering eviction, but the notice is a formality for them to do.

Thankfully they are aware that the payment is based on the decision of the benefits office, whom I am meeting with on Wednesday to further the claim. If of course the claim is NOT successful, then I will have to absorb the full punch of the arrears, which stand at about £400 so far.

Add that to the other screw up from Lewisham with the council tax, and I have been dumped with £1000 of back payments because of their slow arsed, backwards way of dealing with enquiries and claims.

I also went to see Marilyn, the family worker at St Christophers Hospice today, to follow up on previous meetings and discuss where I stand right now. The more I talked, the more I realised how uncertain I am about things like work, caring for mum etc. I have a dilemma.

For me to return to work, which right now I dearly want to do, I need certain things to happen, and certain assurances to put my mind at rest.
I need to know that mum will not be left unchecked for more that about 2 hours at a time. When I go to work there is approximately a 7 hour window that I am not here for. At the moment the carers second visit is 12 midday, which would be just after I have left for work.

My thinking on the matter is if someone visits from 2 til 2.30 and someone else around 4.30, when I return home for about 6.30 I will know mum has been looked after. Because she is resistant to the idea of the carer being around too much, I would like my sister to be able to make one of these visits. Firstly to spend time with mum, and secondly to break the load up.

I have been putting off the inevitable preparation for me to return to work, knowing that the care side of things is going to go tits up somehow, and today proved my point perfectly. Mum is back to her negativity towards carers, saying they do nothing, are useless, and just wanna get in and out asap. But in the same breath, hates when they hang about for no reason. *sigh!

*time out for deep breaths, shallow breathing just writing this!

Riiiight, back to the keyboard.
So mum has decided to put up barriers again, out of the blue her mood has swung violently towards care, medical help and other things relating to her condition. I can't help but feel we are going backwards at the moment. Doesn't want to go to anymore appointments, and to top it off, spiralling from a simple comment made by the blood test clinic last week, has become obsessed by the fact she believes she has thick blood.

The comment made referred to the difficulty the nurse was having getting a vein to give up blood. She commented that the veins were thin, then when she got a good one, she said the blood was thick, too thick to get a feed from the smaller veins. Mum heard this as "Oh my god, your blood is like syrup, you need help", and since that time has told everyone she has spoken to that the nurse told her to get it sorted... Which she didn't. All she said was, aspirin or salt would help thin the blood a little.

Of course she mentioned it again today, and that turned into an argument, so I have said I will book her an appointment to see the GP asap.
Next up was my apparent failure to get her more sleeping tablets, as she has apparently me asked numerous times to get them from the doctor for her. My fault of course, even though she saw him last week herself.

So an all round pretty pants day really.

Highlights otherwise.
I reached my weightloss goal at the weekend and had a chinese. 6 hours to eat what usually takes me 20 mins.
Adapted diet starts from today, with the intro of porridge and protein every couple of days.
The weekend saw the 20th anniversary of me passing my driving test, and also the re-passing of my mock driving test.

Ok, fingers are aching now, so adios for now.



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