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A new look.

Yup while adding some keywords to my entries I thought it was time to change the look again. As relaxing as the fish at the top were, the are useless if you are using a device which doesn't display Flash, like many Apple viewers ( as I do from time to time on my iPad)

So I hope it's a little easier on the eye, fonts have been changed a little too.
Comments welcomed. As if!

3 thoughts on “A new look.

  1. Scooby Mommy

    I started reading your thread on Scoobynet and then started reading your blog. I find it really refreshing to read about someone who is going through the same thing my family have gone through. I've lost 3 aunts to breast cancer and my grandmother and mother-in-law had it although thankfully they both recovered.

    Like the new blog set-up although find the font difficult to read. Although that could well be to do with my appalling eye-sight lol.

    Take care.

    Lisa aka Scoobymommy

  2. Snazy

    Lol you use an iPhone Gem, being that they were in Flash you would never have seen them haha.

    Hey Lisa, I know what you mean, and I'm honoured to have someone taking something away from my blog on such a permanent level.
    Sorry about your losses. When my aunt and mum go that will be all 3 sisters dying from breast cancer also. Cancer is a horrible horrible disease.

    Looking into the font now. Didn't realise how bad it was as the iSad didn't display it properly.


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