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Lots to say, let's get started.
First up, apologies to anyone who may have been blinded or had their sight damaged by the recent change in font. Allow me to explain my insanity and justify my stupidity in choice of font. iPad!
Ok moving on.
Alright seriously though, I changed the template using the ipad and didn't realise how limited it was at displaying fonts. Needless to say, it looked fine to me, but was hideous when viewed from other devices (inc my Blackberry) Nice one Apple!

Next up, Elloooo Kimmy. Was lovely to see you yesterday, and nice to see you in such good spirits. My apologies for the random rambling and boring convo. I was slightly tired and braindead lol.

Cadell, great to see you too, and was nice to chill with you. Archie is an absolute blinding kid, and you are a fantastic mum, as well as a fun person too 🙂 Thanks for the time you took helping me to rest and relax, and I look forwards to seeing you again some time. Domino's mmmmm!

Me, well I'm feeling blergh today, probably due to a 3am breakfast of cold pizza and Haribo Tangfastic, in order to keep me going for the journey back to London. Speaking of which, having driven to the Midlands at 2am, and home at 3am, I don't know that I ever want to drive on the M1 at any other time of day now. Even the 50mph limits are fine when there are so few cars on the road. Sailing past lorries is a good pass time, and feels like you are going faster. Cruise set to 70mph, and turning the wheel, that's what its all about!

Total of 500 miles, visiting Derby, Droitwich and Birmingham along the way, getting very little sleep, but had a great time, a respite break was indeed needed. But not exactly as planned.

I arrived in the Mids at about 5am, but by the time the clock hit 8 I was getting texts from my sister to say mum had taken a turn. Lots of confusion and indecision later, and I decided to stick to schedule and head to see Kim. All the while getting updates on what could and could not be sorted, the doctor was coming etc. Eventually I called mum and spoke with her to get her side of the story. Satisfied with what she told me, my mind was at rest a little more. Which is strange for me, taking mums word on something lol. So anyway, the day continued.

On finishing up at the hospital Kim asked if I could take Chris and Livvy home, which of course was fine. So we headed over to Droitwich. Then back to Derby to pick poor lil Archie up from nursery. Jabs and a nasty cough, but still managing to smile, turn the volume up in the car and have a little rave lol.

The end of a long day was fast approaching. (Sadly the same can't be said for this blog entry)

So deciding that with the crap intake of food and drink the only answer was Domino's, food was sourced, and much eating took place.

Asda seemed to be the place to buy anything and everything on this trip. Popping in for a tshirt, I walked out with a "Plushy" (bath mat) a new Superman hoodie (most appropriate) food, drinks, oh and the said tshirt. Returning later I got deodorant, yum-yums and lots of junk food to keep me going. I'm paying for that decision today though.

On finally getting home at about 5.30am this morning I was greeted by 2 excited dogs. More excited than they have been for a long time. The fun ended there as I walked in the kitchen and saw the jobs that lay ahead of me. Apparently breaking the routine and leaving for a single day comes with a price tag. Awaiting me was cleaning up, arranging of new medications and a few other things I needed to do in order to relax enough to sleep.
With the few hours of broken sleep I had had, concentration was in short supply, but I think I got the meds right lol

With the mentioned lack of sleep not being helped by being restless, its probably not a surprise to hear I have still not had much. I'm trying to run myself out of energy, but as I'm on emergency backup power, its all taking some time. I think finally walking the dogs will be my breaking point, and that should be soon, but before that I'm waiting on a phonecall.

The phonecall will be from work (planned) to discuss my situation with them. And with the situation with mum being so fluid, its really hard to know what to say. Add that to a tired, fried brain, and this conversation could get messy.
It seems that each time we plan to get together for a talk, something happens which reaffirms my situation. Like perhaps yesterday! Lol. In fairness though the past few weeks have been a bumpy road with mum being ill, so its been good to be here to support her and get her help. Long story short, I think I will be getting signed off again, which sadly for me means going to 50% pay now, and letting work down even more. But I can't choose or control what happens with mum, I can only play the hand I am dealt.

So, that's me for now, if you have read this far, message me your name and address and I will send you a prize for bothering to keep reading. I'm bored writing it, and they are my thoughts and experiences.

This afternoon I will walk the dogs, do my chores and try and stay awake til a normal time tonight. Walk the dogs later then the sleep will begin.

Thank you for reading 🙂



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