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An ultimatum!

Of sorts at least. But thinking and speaking out loud, reasoning and rationalising things (as I do), don't you find that when someone "threatens" you, or gives an ultimatum, you are actually LESS likely to comply?

Maybe its just me, maybe you are the same, but for me, having something harsh said to me just gets my back up, and my defences up, and any good intentions I have towards them go straight out the window.

In this situation its one of those matters of morals vs marbles, and for me morals win hands down. Commitment for me is a serious thing, and being asked to compromise my decision making for the sake of appeasing someone does not come easy. Let alone the fact that it offends me that I am being asked to make such an irrational decision, so say something I am not sure about.

So what about you? If someone takes a fluid situation, and almost unlawfully tries to make it become solid, what would you do? Would you aim to please them, or would you stick to your guns, and choose not to make an ill informed decision?

So late at night, so many decisions. I think on this occasion I will use the power of BBM to seek the answers I am looking for. But if you have an opinion, or want to get involved, just comment or mail me and I will bring you up to speed.

Those of you on BBM, watch for a broadcast coming your way soon.



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