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Entry 200, and a sobering thought.

Its not like I have timed it this way, or that I have saved spot 200 for something substantial. But its how these things pan out. Having whined for the past few days about some pretty insignificant things, I have just heard from someone who is treading a similar path to my own, and its not great news.

A short while ago I received news through my beloved BBM from a guy who is watching/ supporting his mother through cancer also, and sadly their news is less joyful than some I have heard recently. Having been what seems recently diagnosed with cancer (prob some 6 months or more in reality). Sadly her progress appears to have been somewhat more rapid.

Her condition has worsened now. So from giving advice and talking about what to possibly to expect, suddenly Nick is the one in territory unfamiliar to me.

For the first time in a while I am somewhat lost for words I have to say. Today really seems to have spiralled downwards from the start, and now I honestly feel myself reaching for the tablet packet once again, worried that my mindset will again get a little out of control.

How selfish this sounds, starting an entry about someone suffering, and ending worrying about myself, but suddenly my eyes are wide open to how fluid life really is, and how much can change in such a short space in time. Like the change of a tide, suddenly the water is rising and panic is setting in again.

My thoughts are with you all, I dedicate this to Nick and his family.



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