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The road ahead is zig-zag.

Life is never really as simple as it seems. While travelling in a straight line it seems obvious what we are heading towards, but then we reach a bend in the road, and the view of the horizon changes, the end of the road becomes uncertain, and we are once again left wondering where this journey is really taking us.

So many examples of this exist, in our work and private lives. A promotion at work seems a dead cert, until a new person starts, strolls straight in and takes up the promotion from under you. A relationship can seem fine, then the horizon changes, the vision of the future changes and bang, you are on your arse wondering what the heck just happened.

I guess one of the problems is the word "plan". A word I have tried to avoid for years now as it seems whenever you plan something, officially, you crash and burn. While if you quietly hope for something, everything seems to pan out just fine.

The solution, well its not to plan of course, and just to watch the road just ahead of you, not assume anything, and just wait and see what you arrive at when you reach the next junction.

For me recently, the road ahead has not only been bumpy, but also like a winding country road, nothing ahead has been clear for more than 50 metres. So its time to apply the brakes, maybe even pull over in a layby and check the ancient roadmap of life and see if I am still on the right road, or if I took a wrong turn somewhere along the way.

I'm sure I'm not far from the right place to be fair, but better to be safe than sorry I think.

Life eh. Never a bore, always a challenge. But you know what its like, sometimes you find a new road, a new route, and it becomes that guilty pleasure where every once in a while you can take it, be a little crazy, let your hair down, and be a kid all over again.

This random ramble was brought to you by a 2001 AA Road Map.



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