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I feel like crap!

Physically for once, not mentally. It could be a bad nights sleep, it could be all the recent activity catching up with me, but I have a feeling its something more sinister. Achey muscles, feel a bit warm, and a really heavy head. Could this be the beginning of something fluey like? I really hope not.
At the moment I am trying to fill myself with fluids to eliminate being a little dehydrated. It could be that simple, as yesterday I didn't have anywhere near my regular fluids intake, so I'm crossing my fingers here. But adding burning eyes to the symptoms and now its not sounding so hopeful.

I should say at this point, this isn't me saying "OMG I think I have man-flu", but something far more serious. If I have anything contagious so to speak, then effectively I have to quarantine myself from mum. Anything like a bad cold etc right now would be very very serious for her. And if that IS the case, then the dynamics of the whole situation here changes drastically.

She has been struggling around the house this morning sounding very uncomfortable indeed. Seems to be worsening day by day. So this morning I have made an effort not to cross paths with her at this point until I know for sure. Worst case scenario is that I am "ill", in that case I would have to ask my sister to visit throughout the day to check in on mum. Then consider that any common area would need wiping down when I use it and so on.

Its frustrating as hell too, as I have not had the slightest cold, sniffle, or bug related ache for about 4 months now, which is amazing for me. So I guess the next couple of hours will tell really. A few drinks inside me, let the carer in, snuggle up with the dogs, and have a little nap.. Then see how I feel when I wake. Should just about do the trick. If it turns out I am "poorly", then we have another problem, in that mum is meant to see the GP today. I was going to take her to see him, but she would struggle with the short flight of stairs now. So I will have to request a home visit now. Main thing is to make sure mum gets the care and medical attention she needs without me having to come into contact with her for now.

I am left wondering where the hell I could have picked up a bug though.

Right, I'm gonna wait for the carer then have a sleep and some mushy dreams. Hopefully some more cheerful news later.



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