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If it aint broke….

....try and fix it! Right? Oh shit no that's wrong isn't it!

Well sometimes I get it right and other times I guess I just screw up perfectly good things. Like a conversation I just had. Ticking along fine, no real issues, no complications, but clever clogs ere decided that it was all too simple, and clean cut. Therefore the only thing to be done was to screw with it.

You know when you get into a conversation that you have no idea quite why you are having. Common sense ios screaming STOP! But the interfering part of you, the bit that destroys happiness and good things just refuses to STFU!

Digging deeper and deeper, and feeling the walls of the hole falling in on you. If you are lucky you will get a life line thrown in, and bail before you get buried.

Thankfully I have to say I got the lifeline from heaven on this occasion, and will try harder to remember the correct saying from now on... If it aint broke, stfu, back off and leave it the f**k alone!



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