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Taking the easy way out.

Going back to my previous entry of sliding doors for a moment, I am back to wondering about things. When choosing your path, what do you consider? Is it the ease of passage, the morals involved or just what makes you happy.
Like choosing your route on satnav really, fastest or shortest. If I choose shortest I get a warning saying it might use more fuel and take longer, and I guess life is pretty similar really.
Take the fastest route, don't take in the scenery or consider the reason for your journey, and proceed straight there. Or take the shortest route, expend a little more energy getting there, but arrive with a deeper understanding of your decision, and some background too.

Ok, ok I can hear you saying, wtf are you on about, but hear me out, there is some kind of story behind it, I'm just not going to go into too much detail.

You see taking the easy way out or the fastest route might seem the best option, and for many people this is how they choose to live their lives. Fast-track, a-z with no in between. But then look at everything they miss along the way. How many times have you driven a route for years only to be pushed on a diversion, then suddenly see a whole new way, no longer feeling like its all just a part of the daily grind, but you are now in fact part of a much bigger journey... Now apply that to life.

So much passes us by in life, in the blink of an eye, the speed we live our lives, we miss it all as it flashes by. So every now and then its important to back off the gas, slow it down a touch, and appreciate the situation fully before we make a decision. Occasionally something demands our full attention, a little more consideration than usual. So pause, breathe and make sense of it all before you fly ahead with your decision.

Can you look back at life with no regret? Can you put your hand on your heart and say every judgement or decision made was right for you at the given time. In reality that's all regret is, an ill informed or rushed decision we live to realise was the wrong choice for us at that juncture in our life. Take your time, consider the outcomes of both choices, and be sure that the one you go with, the sliding door you walk through is the best one for you at that time. And if you have done that, stand by your decision and live knowing that you made that choice for a reason. Whatever happens in the future will of course be influenced by that decision, but regret should never feature.

Sometimes the harder choice, the tough option is actually easier. You can flee a situation, or you can take the more complicated path, but there is a bonus there at times. Let me explain. Easy is usually yes or no, simple defined answers, where as complex is usually broken down into more stages, allowing a whole myriad of choices and decisions. Ok an example, chinese takeaway, set meal for 1 or choose 4 of your own dishes... You see what I mean? Make a decision for yourself and what you leave with is all about what you want, and not the simple acceptance of taking what's on offer as black and white.

For me, right now I am taking the B-road and un-named road route. I have a rough idea where its going and where I will end up, but the main thing is I'm loving the change in scenery, and whatever the journey throws up, I know I have committed to the final destination of it. There are many turns in the road ahead, but I travel it with confidence that I will get to where I'm going. It might take a while, I might change passengers along the way, or even arrive alone, but like the space shuttle heading for space, I have reached zero return... No turning back from here.

So don't take decisions lightly. Consider what lays ahead of you, and take that leap of faith from time to time, commit to the longer route, the bumpier twisty roads, and enjoy what passes you by. Life is for living, not fearing.

Live a little, live a lot... Regret nothing.



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