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Its gonna be a long day.

Well after mum complaining the new medication had made her feel groggy yesterday, the true culprit has finally shown its face. A cold! Which in mums condition is never good news.

We also noticed yesterday that she is getting a little dehydrated. Not as serious as it has been, but needs addressing. So I am on the hunt for hydration options for her. A very fussy drinker, insists she can't drink plain water, fruit squash's, or anything like that. At the moment she is drinking a few cups of tea a day, maybe a can of drink and a glass of lemonade, which just isn't enough.

I will be monitoring her and calling in the doctor if she gets much worse, but at the moment I am keeping an eye on her to see how severe her cold is going to get. She has decided on a day in bed for today, which is probably a good idea. At least I don't have too much of a worry of her falling. I'm sure I can manage to wait on her today, she has worked hard over the last week so deserves a break. Just wish she wasn't ill.

Right, better get to work on today's revised schedule. Just wish I knew where the cold came from!



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