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Another day, another challenge.

Today's challenges are multiple, on a number of planes.

Firstly there was sleep. I slept well, there is no doubt there, but after letting the carer in I kept dropping off and waking up thinking someone was calling me or something needed my attention. Dreaming ahead of what was actually happening. All very weird.

Then after getting up, there was mum. Looked ok to me, but insists that after starting her new tablets, anti depressants which make you sleep also, that they are not for her, she feels terrible and will not be taking them anymore. First day on new tablets, give them a chance I said... Nope, they are bad, I don't want them.

Yesterday she was complaining she could not sleep, today its that she IS sleeping.

In fairness, as I type we are in a hospital waiting room, and has dropped off. But this is not uncommon for her as she gets bored so easily.

Then there are the pikey swine in front of me. As we first walked in they were confronting a doctor, the boy was being taken in for a hearing test, and the mum wanted to go with him. No problem there, small child with a strange man, good idea. However for some reason the mother wanted to take HER mother in with them too. Bizarre!

The rooms are small, and sealed to be silent, so the idea is the less people the quieter, duh.

When they came out they have now sat there for ten mins slagging the doctor off for daring to ask one of them to wait outside. And are now complaining how long its all taking. All of 30 mins so far. If its too long, sod off, don't get treated, simple!

However all that said, she has slightly redeemed herself now. As I put the wheelchair up for mum, she helped put the foot stands down for mum, so that's something eh lol.

Right, mum is in for treatment now, so I better get on. Hopefully mum will wake up and cheer up a bit a bit later. Certainly think she will when she looks in the fridge, mmmm. Foooooooooood!



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