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Cravings just hit home… HARD!

Well, after a trip to the family worker at St Christophers, and then taking mum to see the doctor, we went food shopping. I will come back to the shopping in a second.

Mum saw the doctor for a top up on her meds today and a review. He has decided to put her on a low dose anti depressent to help her switch off a bit (like me) and sleep better at night. Family of druggies we now are lol.

Anyway, back to me (yes yes, its all me, me, me!)

So after the appointments we went to Tesco's. Nearest one to me has just been extended, and my god they have a big range now, amazing. However the day before when we went to a local M&S it was not too bad. But today, in a massive Tesco, with fresh Tiger Bread etc on the shelves, hold shit it was hard. Just writing this makes me wanna run to the kitchen and stuff some bread in my mouth lol.

But fear not, I am not straying from the path. Not just yet anyway. Another weeks time, I will check in with size and weight and see about introducing some food back in. Feeling like this with cravings so powerful is actually quite draining.

Right, enough talk of all this yummy food, I'm going to make a hot chocolate in a but 🙂




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