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What a frickin morning!

Wowza, glad most of that is out of the way I have to say!
Usual routine to start with, carer, breakfast, meds etc. No dog walks yet as its pouring with rain, but craving some fresh air right now.

So the daily grind begun with the post arriving, just one letter today. From the housing association, Dear Mr Snasdell, you owe us £XXX..... WTF!
A quick call later and it turns out when I first set up the payments they forgot to balance the account, and had just noticed it was due. Then also forgotten to calculate my mums benefits from that, so had an astronomic figure on the bill. A few minutes chatting and it was all under control, repayment sorted and weight off my mind.

Feeling good about myself I decided it was time to tackle the council tax too. So called them up, "sorry all our operators are busy".. Yes I'm not surprised, the way you people operate. 3 months late billing me, and demanding arrears made up in one payment!
Anyway I finally got to speak to a helpful woman, who looked at the account. Unfortunately the best she could do was to knock back the first £300+ payment to 1st Feb. Better than nothing, gives me time to get sorted I guess. Thankfully its only 2 payments til the end of the financial year, then we start a fresh. So another weight partially lifted at least.

A few other financials creeping up on me too but I'm sure I can get them sorted out. Just got to stay in the right frame of mind, and be frugal with my spending. Easier said than done when your mother refuses to eat most food!

Speaking of mother, yesterdays walk took us to Beckenham Place Park, never been there before really, other than walking the dogs in the fields. Unfortunately the only footpath we could find went down a big hill and back up another. Mum battled it, we got to the top with a great effort from mum, amazing in fact. Sadly at the top was a muddy green chain walk, which was impassable. So after a short rest off we went back, down and up the hills again. I have to say I'm shocked at how well she is doing walking these days. So well done 🙂

Other than all that, I'm feeling a little grumpy today, not sure why, slept ok, not tired. Probably just the miserable weather outside, which I'm pleased to say is slowly cheering up, so maybe I will too.

Oh, forgot to mention, its Day 1 of Week 2 of the ketosis diet, no food since a week Sunday, just the milkshakes. Hunger is not a problem, craving the taste of some foods is driving me mad in the evenings though lol. Feeling good from it all though, and have ordered some more supplies to get me through this week. Not sure how much longer I will keep doing it to be honest. Not crazy about dropping loads of weight, just wanna get my habits back in check before I reach a bad stage where my health is affected. So progress good, health good, activity level up.. All is well.

Have a good day/week



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