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Just can’t sleep

No idea why, but for some reason recently I have been waking up at about 5am daily, regardless of the time I go to bed, or how tired I have been. Usually I would lay there and just keep trying to sleep, but from years of experience I know this only results in waking up feeling like crap.

When you are awake, you are awake, can't fight it. Usually there would be a reason to wake up early, noise, stress, excitement, plans... But no, nothing at all recently. OK I like to be up early to train, that's certainly become a routine for me, and waking up at around 7am for that is just fine. So why my body has decided 5am is better I do not know.

Instantly the first concern for me is a weird one. What's going to happen when I fly to Florida? Is my body clock going to go completely bonkers? Worrying times, is jetlag going to have me all over the place when I return?

Maybe its all down to a healthier body and mind, and that I really don't need as much sleep as I have got used to over recent years. Don't get me wrong, if my body decides it wants me up at 5am daily, I can adapt to that no problem. Its just a bit sudden and unexpected. I wonder if my body has decided 'get up a couple of hours earlier, and you can do tai chi too' lol, now that would be good eh.

Either way I guess I am going to have to follow my bodys orders and do as I'm told, so I'm up, awake and ready for the day now. Guess I should do something like X-Stretch to get the day started huh.

Have a good day people.

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