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Remove and reflect

Once in a while it helps you remove yourself from your boots, take a step back, and reflect. Take stock of what you have, and realise that life ain't so bad after all.
We all manage to immerse ourselves so deeply in our world, our lifestyle and life within our own little bubble. But because of this we fail to see the bigger picture.

All around us is pain, suffering, and people struggling to achieve the most basic things in life. I'm not talking about the 3rd world, war torn nations etc, I'm talking about here, the UK, London. Poverty, addictions, pain and suffering from all causes.

I moan a lot about "not got enough money for this" but in reality I live a pretty OK lifestyle. 2 holidays a year.... my mum is 72 and never left the UK, not even France! Only an x" TV, only Y spec PC and so on. Because these are all things I take for granted, that I am entitled to, deserving of, and should have in my life.
Then there is health, arm ache here, operation there, moan, moan, moan. But then turn and look at my mum going through hell right now. She waited to tell me about her cancer until after my first operation because she didn't want to upset me during recovery from the op!

OK its all getting a bit deeper than I planned here, so stepping back a little. What I am trying to get across is for every misfortune you have in your life, there will be 1,000 others out there going through far worse. Your PC crashed? Lots of people would love to have a PC, never mind if it crashes. Your car running rough? The thought of independent transport for some is a fantasy.

Be grateful for whatever life gives you. We are all blessed with life itself, that's a damn good start. Life is full of challenges, but that's what makes it exciting and worth living. To face and overcome issue, to learn and to educate others with your knowledge.

So in brief... when you are under it, feeling down, unfortunate etc. Take a step back from the situation, and reflect on how bad the situation REALLY is. Drop the drama, and take it at face values.

Right I'm off to walk the dogs and hug a few trees, have a good weekend.

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