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New week, new challenges etc

Blah blah blah and all that, you know how all the optimistic saying go right?

OK so a rather hectic weekend, but a fun one too, and one that involved lots of eating. Or a darn sight more than I did for the week.
Friday saw an extra large chicken shish kebab for dinner (grilled chicken) Saturday saw Nando's, more grilled chicken, but this time with chips and garlic bread, as well as some chocolate and popcorn in the cinema, and buckets of Diet Pepsi. Sunday was to be the day of rest for my stomach, but with such a lovely day we decided to go out for lunch. That resulted in chicken wings for starters, grilled chicken and chips for main, and apple pie and custard for dessert (and loads more Pepsi Max). So all in all my stomach had a full load to contend with.

This morning I was expecting a pound or 2 extra on the scales, but guess what..... 0.6 of a pound less. So official Monday morning weigh in is 235.4lbs. Back on the shakes immediately and for the remainder of the week now. Gym is postponed as I have a few things I need to do this week and want to get them out of the way before I can be 100% focused and committed to returning to the gym.

This morning I have been up early, walked and fed the dogs, run a few errands, and am getting ready to pay off my last outstanding debt, which is a nice feeling. I will also be running up more debt just as soon as AMEX recognise my payment to them and credit my account with the 2k I gave them.

On the downside, on chatting to mum just now, it appears she has cancelled a doctors appointment as she is "too ill" to go again. Still not grasping the concept of me taking her there obviously. So that has led to a heated discussion and setting her straight that its go there, or they come here, which she will hate even more. Just wish we could overcome this whole messing about and avoiding doctors thing.

Right, so like I say, busy week ahead, a few important things I need to get done, so hopefully a good week and will have something to smile about by the weekend. In fact maybe a few things.

Here's to a good week for all.

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