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Snazy ‘unplugged’

Cor blimey its been a while since I did anything like that, a conversation of such depths with someone. I have done counselling, and 'heart to hearts' but nothing quite as deep and personal as I have just been with my ickle friend Kim.

And you know what, it feels bloody good to have someone tap into you for a while and drain off some of the excess pressure life loads on you. I never thought I would be talking apocalypse with Kim, let alone climate change. Sex, well duh yeah, obviously, this IS Kim after all lol (sorry hun x)

It wasn't my intention to go there and babble on for hours, or even talk about me really, ok maybe a little. But given how our conversations have always evolved, I guess it was inevitable.

Its strange to try and explain your life choices at times. To yourself they seem and sound so simple, but when you try and explain things, until a parallel can be drawn it is hard to make sense of them yourself for a while, let alone help someone else understand where your decision came from. Especially on the scale we are talking here.

Taking an unplanned time out today (not gonna explain lol) I am just mulling over what has been discussed today, letting the topics soak in. Considering advice given and received, and trying to fit everything back together. Its a bit like having a jigsaw with alternative pieces. For a while you have to take pieces out, leaving the picture incomplete, and for a while it seems confusing. But then you decided if you want to keep the originals or replace with the new pieces (opinions, beliefs, understandings) and put it all back together again. And that's what I'm doing now.
Making my pictures up again, and standing afar to see if I like what I see. And so far I do.

I am not fixed in my ways and am always willing to take on board peoples opinions. Today I don't think my opinions of any of my things have changed as such, but maybe perception has shifted slightly. Talking about things face to face has that effect on me, and I dig deeper to resolve situations, answer questions etc.

Having made some strange decisions recently (for me anyway) I have tossed them around in my head for quite a bit. Happy with them, just not quite understanding how I made the decisions. But now I seem to see things a little better, so thank you Kimberley :op

Blimey, all that talking, thinking and typing has made me rather tired... I need a nap now.

Make the most of a lovely warm day people.



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