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Second life

Isn't that the name of that stupid game in which you live out a different existence, with an alter ego, in a world of fantasy? Something like that anyway. Well in certain walks of life this kind of life really exists, and here I am to prove it.

Putting my weekday life behind me, I packed a little bag up last night, went through my contacts, and decided who I would like to see, and more importantly who would like to see me. (Much shorter list, trust me!) After a bit of rest I hit the road, and here I am, 6.30am in Droitwich, waiting for the Moult household to awaken, to see Kim, Chris and Livvy. This was a bit of a last minute change of plan really, but Kim knows that, and still thinks I'm insane for coming up.

However sometimes conversations are best had face to face, and that's what this weekend is all about for me really. Not sure how many other house calls I will get to make along the way, but each one in my mind requires a certain level of depth, and some person on person time, rather than phone calls and messages to try and get something across. Face to face is sincerity to me, and when it comes to the heart, I only do sincere.

I bet when you first started to read alter ego and fantasy you were waiting for something really wow and revealing, but sadly there is nothing there which I'm going to be sharing anytime soon.

So the second life, my "weekend life" so to speak is all about reaching out to others. Helping and being helped to deal with all sorts of problems, dilemmas, and really just about being sociable and caring towards those I care about. Communication is key, and to have actual one to one time with any of the people I may see this weekend is something special. From my perspective I have a lot on my plate, or plates should I say, and each person I hope to see is perfect for taking one thing off a plate.

To break away from the routine, to escape from reality for a while, to exist in a different way is where Cadell and Archie come into things. A million miles from the life I live right now, yet so refreshing to be there, and forget the illness, and other worries that blights day to day life.
To talk about my deepest fears and "secrets" even though I don't consider myself to have secrets, that's what seeing Kim is to me. A deep connection, a trust that has never faded, and a sense of responsibility to her is what talking to Kim gives me. For years we have talked about anything and everything in either one of our lives, and found peace in sharing our thoughts with one another.

My aunt who I hope to get over to, well that hardly needs explaining really. A big part of my childhood, who I distanced myself from in young adult life, and now realise the errors of my ways, and am trying to now play a big a part as possible in her life as she battles with cancer. We have the most varied conversations, remembering things from my childhood, talking about world events, and of course discussing mum. Time passes so quickly with Joan it is unreal. Best of all it allows me to communicate in such a pure and un impressionable way, not needing to project an ego or personality, I can just be plain old me.

So the time is passing on, the calling of a McDonalds breakfast gets louder, having not eaten since lunchtime yesterday. Making plans sucks lol, never quite works out, and its only at 7am you start to remember what you missed out the day previous. The sun is rising, birds are starting to sing, and the dawn of a new day is upon us. What will this day actually bring by its end, time will reveal all I guess.

So that's me for now, a little weary from the drive, but enjoyed the scenery and different roads, and contemplating filling myself with the evil that is McDonalds.

Hope you have a great day, watch out for updates if I have unexpected free time later.



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2 thoughts on “Second life

  1. Amber

    Firstly, Second Life is a bore, but not a stupid game. It has paid my bills since 2006!

    Secondly, you did not end up in Prague? I didn't even see an offer to meet up.



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