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Humbled again.

Just when you think that you are in the worst position possible, just when you think life is a complete pain in the arse, something happens to make you re-think things, and puts you in your humble little place in the grand scheme of things.

Today I refer to the massive earthquake which has hit Japan this morning. An 8.9 triggering a tsunami too. Fires blazing, areas flooded, and now the tsunami is heading for distant shores of other countries. I know everyone does the whole "thinking of you" thing, and most say it as matter of course, with no sincerity. But having someone out there that you care about changes everything. One person in the millions affected, but none the less it draws you so much closer.

Thankfully, with the wonder of the internet and Facebook and I already know young Naruto is alive and well, and unsurprisingly being his usual superhuman upbeat self about it all. I must confess, to be near something so substantial, such a massive display of mother nature IS exciting. Taking all of mans creations and hard work, and throwing it all around like a child having a tantrum with a Lego town. As I say, humbling.

In my own weird and twisted way I still want to experience a tornado from as close as safely possible. Each time I see something like this, its like pressing a reset button. No matter how far ahead of myself I have run, regardless of great I think I am, a natural disaster puts me in my place, and reminds me I am nothing more than a speck of dust.

As I write, news is coming in of another large after shock, so again wishing all well.

This morning (UK time) is going to be one hell of a time for the Pacific, so I hope regardless of what fury mother nature unleashes, the loss of life is as tiny as possible. Can't help but think the LPG refinery is gonna go bang in a big way soon.



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