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Run away

My mind is telling my body to do this. Weird time of day to have a thought like this I know, and the quality of this entry will be poor. But as I lay here awake at this ungodly hour, my mind in thinking about escape.

I guess I have grown too accustomed to upping and running recently, but its such a great feeling to get away from it all for a while, who in their right mind would not want to do that. Respite, care break, escape, call it what you may, but I'm addicted now to that new found feeling of freedom that I get.

The weekend is fast approaching, the opportunity to go "on tour" and see a few faces, who will bring a smile back to my face from deep within, is almost too much to resist. So if you are free, and I can get to you, maybe its your door I will be knocking on 🙂

Sorry, this is a bit of a random ramble, but just wanted to say, I miss my escape right now.



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