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The door that changed everything.

Or at least I hope that's how it turns out anyway! The door I spoke of before which gives mum and the carers some dog free space, so hopefully improves things for all of us. Me not needing to be there for carer visits, linkline able to come in if they need, and nurses can come and go without someone other than mum being there. This is ground breaking for me.

So I'm writing this as I sit on the train to work. Yes, work. My first official day going in to do anything in any way functional. Plan is to get my DfT training up to scratch so I can move around the building unmonitored, and start to learn my job again. Hell its been so long since I last used a PC I don't even know if I can still touch type. I can on a Blackberry!

I feel strangely relaxed today, far less nervous than I expected. Guess the ice-breaker last week worked for me better than I expected. The big challenges are to get into work on time, and then start to make sense of what I have to do. And of course unpack. Get my desk all sorted out, taking everything out of the crate it was all stuffed into when they moved locations.

So yes, there you go, all very exciting I know. While I'm away my sister will do mums lunch visit and meds, and her boyfriend is going to look at finishing off the door that you can clearly see I botched together lol.

See you in a few hours, when I will report on how "work" went.




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