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Phew what a day!

Well as the day draws to an end, and I try to mimic Rev Run with my writing words of wisdom as I soak in the bath, I can look back and consider it a partial success. Aaah to hell with the modesty, a pretty darn good day in fact.
With the coaching and prompting from the start, and the encouragement and support throughout from my favourite BBM ladies, I have to admit that its been ok today.

From the offset, with the carer arriving it was not all as negative as I expected. A friendly face on the doorstep as the first carer visit was a relief. That allowed me a little However, as I write this, I am a little disappointed with myself for losing track of time. The evening carer has just rung the bell, and I was forced to leave the comfort of my bath to open the door, damnit!

I digress. So, yes, the start of the day was pretty positive and gave me time and motivation to get on with other matters. Writing a to-do list for myself over breakfast I realised I had a few unpopular things to do before I could consider the day a success. Spurred on by motivational name calling from Cadell I soon made the 2 main calls that I had been putting off. Dear Whyte and Co.... Don't state in your letters that payments are an option IF THEY ARE NOT!!! Twats! Oh and why are automated payment phonelines so damned annoying?

So, on to the less stressful but equally important things to do (some of which are still outstanding), next on my list was the door for the hallway. Buying that will make the house safe for unmonitored visitors, such as carers and district nurses. So off to Homebase to get a door, and what a nightmare was. If you think the piles of £2 t-shirts in Primark are a mess, you should see how disorganised the doors are in Homebase! But I got one! And have since fitted it, kinda! If its not fitted properly I should hear a scream soon, as its the only thing keeping the dogs away from the carer while I'm in the bath lol.

After spending half the day trying to explain the purpose of the door to my sister, and trying to get her to understand the new routine, with mum just using the bedroom and kitchen for all her needs while the carers are here, I think I have finally gotten through to her. She has all she needs in 2 rooms, so she can have unsupervised carer visits. Meaning I can go to work, Linkline can respond to the emergency pendant in safety, as can all other responders.

I also managed to reschedule the lunchtime carer to a bit later in the afternoon. Mum now has Fatima, a third carer to call in on her. When she arrived mum was reluctant to even give her a chance, "can't understand her" she ranted. So with fire in my belly I told mum to get off her arse, and go into the kitchen to see Fatima was ok, and to show her what she likes and how she likes it. Twenty minutes later Fatima left with a smile, and mum said "I like her, she is nice"

Also today I called the district nurse to arrange a different mattress for mum. Night 2 at home and mum still sleeping in a chair.

Right my fingers are dying and my grip fading, so before my Blackberry gets a wash, I will sign off. Thanks for reading, and remember to come back tomorrow for "Tales of the office, first day back."



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