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Another day….

Started out early today to go with my good friend Rachel to the grave of Graeme. She was unable to make the funeral, so we went along today to have a chat at the site, and spend some time remembering him.

It was strange being back there, everything so quiet. Ground settling, just a few people about tending to families graves. A true sense of peace for Graeme at last. Not lonely at all though, just peaceful. Myself and Rachel had a good chat, with her the grave to blame Graeme from time to time lol, was just like old times.

But then reality hit for a bit, and the truth of the matter struck us both for a bit. Gone forever, taken away from us too soon. Suddenly life takes a whole new meaning, and living for tomorrow seems like such a waste of time. Today is the day, embrace it! Own it!

The one nice thing is, knowing where he was laid to rest means I will forever more have somewhere to go for a chat when I need to blow off steam, or just want to be close for a bit.

Today reminds me of just one thing. Life is too short to worry about petty things. Have fun, make a splash, create memories, and left nothing unsaid.

Short and sweet today I know, but then the best things in life are eh 🙂



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