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The benefits bandwagon.

All aboard!!
For the first time properly in my life I am sitting in the benefits office, trying to sort out getting some help with the rent while I'm on half pay. Ok so the tide is turning, and soon I should be earning again, but in the meantime, any help with the rent and council tax would be gratefully accepted. But will it be that easy?
I was told because of previous info given, all I need bring is my last 2 months payslips so they can work our an average to base any benefits on. But something tells me that its not going to be that simple. Something will be missing, wrong or needed in order for average joe me to dare to claim anything, surely.

The offices are all newly refurbished here, and very nice indeed, with their hard metal chairs which numb your arse in seconds, and full of people speaking all sorts of languages who will probably be far more successful with their claims today than I. (I say in jest. I'm not prejudice, honest).

So while I sit here, bored senseless, I thought I would add something to my blog, to pass the time, and share another experience of mine. One I hope never to repeat, and that none of you have to either. I don't mind being part of a system, and if all works out as simply as I hope, then I will change my views. But last time I came with mum, we queued for an hour to get £2.86 a week in help with the council tax, wowza!

While I sit here, my time being sucked away, my mum is waiting, no doubt impatiently at the hospice for her post-lunch fag break. Hopefully I will get there in the next hour, or I will be in for a rough ride for sure. Its a lovely day out there, and I have already spent a couple of hours in the sun having a panini and coffee with Tracy, talking thru the woes of our terrible lives lol. So I am looking forwards to an ice-cream and a drink in the sun with mum this afternoon.

I have however used 3 of the minutes waiting wisely. Calling work to arrange going in on Thursday to start the long road back to work. The hope is to not rush things too far ahead of what I can see coming. With mum not knowing where she is going next, I need to plan for that in my return to work. Fingers crossed they will be as accommodating as discussed at our last meeting.

Right, I suppose I better listen out for my number being called, and get my refusal/rejection over with asap lol. I will comment on this entry in a bit when I get an answer.



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1 thought on “The benefits bandwagon.

  1. kevinhancox69

    Good luck with that, the system is designed to beat you down, and even when you are eligible, they make you wait for the money just to rub it in...! And don't feel bad about claiming, after all the money you have paid in, you should be entitled to get a little help... I mean after all you actually PAID into the system unlike immigrants who get off the banana boat and get the lot... Haha


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