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Bump….. back down to reality again.

Well after a few days of moaning about my materialistic phone, its time to face the reality of life once again, and worry about more important things etc.
This morning sees a trip to Guys Hospital in London SE1, mum has 2 appointments there today back to back. A lung function test, and an appointment in Oncology for a check up.
So again, things seem slightly more in perspective now,

The weather outside is crap, got to get on a packed train, which I hate at the best of times, but I both get to ensure mum gets there and back safely, and to see the progress on The Shard too. The Shard being a fascinating modern building being put up next to London Bridge station. So its fun to watch from week to week as it progresses, and it takes my mind off other things.

In the meantime, the Blackberry 9700 still has no data, I have written and posted a letter to their complaints dept at head office, and that is as much as I am going to do now. I'm NOT going to carry it around with me in the hope that someone will phone me and fix it, I'm NOT going to pull the battery 100 times for them to run through little tests. Instead I am going to leave it sitting here, and if by Thursday afternoon its not working, then I will call Orange back, and decide on my next move.

Right, time to get ready for the hospital, hope you have a great day, and thanks once again for reading one of my little rants.

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