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Red letter(s) day

Well, the appointment I have been waiting for, for mum to see the POPS team at Guys has finally come, although not actually a letter, but a phone call. After scheduling it for mid April, I got a call today to say they want her in on Monday instead, as all dept's have asked for it to be done ASAP. Which comes as quite a relief to me. Sods law says tomorrow we will get a letter saying the Colonoscopy has been set for Monday too lol. (bloody hope not)
So that's one piece of good news. And also she gets a full once over again on Monday which makes sure her HB and BP are still fine and she is healthy to be at home for now.

The other letter of the day is from my solicitor. The solicitor has been working on my behalf now for about 28 months, acting on the liability case against my employer.
Its been a long journey, but today I got the letter from my solicitor confirming their intention to settle the payment for loss of earnings and for private physio I received following the start of the issue. This draws to a close the whole messy affair, and allows me to finally get on with life as normal. No longer worrying about what appointments or letters need attending to next.

The funny thing about the whole matter is it was almost completely avoidable. But one man on a mission to make life difficult for me has cost the company a huge sum of money, a lot of disruption, and may I add, me a lot of physical pain and discomfort. Sadly, like most cases like this, its me and the company paying for it, not him.

Anyway, that's me for now.

Oh couple of quick updates.
Mum is in good health and spirit right now. Much better than she was a week ago.
And I am planning my return to the gym on Tuesday, following a successful introduction of my new early rise routine. Cant do Monday as I have a day of appointments with mum etc.

Have a great weekend.

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