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These are the items that added with my food packs from Protikee will go to making up my intake for the week. Gammon will last a few days, roast (drained) chicken joint will do the same. The veggies there will probably go in to 2 portions per pack to make up some green intake, and the pepsi max will supply the bubbles.

And not forgetting the mighty porridge. Oat so simple, but oh so delicious and filling as an evening stop gap.

Added together with the myriad of bars and snacks, as well as chocolate shakes and hot chocolates I have, and I am taken care of for the week ahead. And not forgetting the phenomenal amount of water and squash over the course of a day too.

Weight loss, or weight maintenance, you decide, but we will find out between Saturday and Monday. If this damned pizza from yesterday ever clears my body lol

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Thank you once again to the wonderful world of Protikee, aka The Kee Diet, for their supplies package which arrived prompt this morning. Packed full of both my favourites and some new bits to try during the week ahead. Including a couple of packs of their new Maltester style snacks, gratis for my birthday (thanks guys)

Now I am around my goal weight, its more about maintaining and adjusting to my new intake. With a variety of Total loss, and weight control products this week, some new flavours of bars included in the line-up. This weeks plan is maybe a shake in the morning, along with my usual 2-3 pints of fluids. Some chicken breast for lunch (a £5 frozen roast joint from Tesco lasts 5 days), some porridge early evening, and then a bar or hot chocolate at night. Bars are also there for snacks if needed throughout the day, due to the amount of activity walking the dogs etc.

I have to say, after yesterdays birthday blowout, I have never been happier to be back on meal replacements. Going back to food reminds me how much slower you feel while digesting a meal etc. So I think I have found a happy medium with the mix of Kee and foods. Just got to keep the ideas fresh now.

So this is me saying urrrgh to over rated heavy food, and yay to nice light on the stomach stuff. Chicken and porridge rock!

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I have a new love in my life. Protikee Museli and Yoghurt bars.
Never liked the sound of the combo before but my god they are nice.
Thank you Protikee for keeping the ideas fresh to help me stay interested in dieting.

Weight is falling off. I am probably going to do another week on this, then get into a mixed regime.

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Bah, that scuppered my plan slightly. I thought I had some old foodpacks let, but turns out all I have is Veggie Soup, which is ok, but I can only really stomach one a day lol.
So eBay is my friend, and I have ordered a weeks worth of foodpacks, and can only hope they arrive soon, so I can get in the flow of things. In the meantime I need a new blender too, my old one is destroyed now. (cant use VLCD foodpacks without a blender!)

So its a Slim Fast bar for breakfast, followed by whatever I can pick up in Sainsburys on the way to work for lunch and dinner.

On the plus side, the dogs have had a nice walk this morning, and the weather was rather nice too.

In other news.......
Following mums decision on Saturday to stop taking her medication, guess what. Yup thats right, she is feeling ill again now.
Insistant that she is NOT going back to the doctors to discuss alternative medication (I beg to differ), I get the feeling there is a well thought out plan in amongst this.

One minute she will be gasping, saying how bad her breathing is, the next she is gassing on the phone to her sister with no problems. Which kind of indicates she is laying it on a little thick at times. Her conversations with the doctor on the phone are the same, to the receptionist she can talk normally, as soon as the doc is on the line is wheeze and gasp time.

Anyway, the plan I speak of..... She has an Oncology appointment on Thursday, and I get the feeling her health will fail just enough for her to say she cant make the appointment. Which of course is rubbish as I will carry here there if I have to. But I get the impression she is gonna try it. Why? Simple, she will be seeing the doctor who she saw originally who made the cancer diagnosis, and who she now intensly dislikes.

Whatever the case, she WILL be making her Oncology appointment on Thursday, and she WILL be going back to see the GP regarding alternative meds for her breathing etc. Watch this space.