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These are the items that added with my food packs from Protikee will go to making up my intake for the week. Gammon will last a few days, roast (drained) chicken joint will do the same. The veggies there will probably go in to 2 portions per pack to make up some green intake, and the pepsi max will supply the bubbles.

And not forgetting the mighty porridge. Oat so simple, but oh so delicious and filling as an evening stop gap.

Added together with the myriad of bars and snacks, as well as chocolate shakes and hot chocolates I have, and I am taken care of for the week ahead. And not forgetting the phenomenal amount of water and squash over the course of a day too.

Weight loss, or weight maintenance, you decide, but we will find out between Saturday and Monday. If this damned pizza from yesterday ever clears my body lol

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