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Just finished lunch, and have to say, over recent days it feels like I have over indulged a little. Few hundred grams of chicken, fresh veggies, a jacket spud (small one) and a bread roll.
Phew, I feel like I have just finished a pie eating contest (those were the days)

I have to say though, recent days have involved a lot of walking, many miles, so I'm burning off the calories. And of course after todays run I can afford another 5-6 calories intake lol. All that said, just for laughs I got on the scales earlier, after breakfast and a few drinks (and going to the loo) and was shocked to see that even dressed in lounging clothes (joggers and tshirt) I'm still only 211lbs. Which probably equates to about 206-207 tops for a normal weigh in. So now I am intrigued to know what my dry weight is, so will have to check it in the morning.

Bad as it is, I have not touched the diet packs really since my last delivery, but the food I'm choosing for my daily intake certainly seems to agree with me, and is helping maintain, if not lose a little more weight.

To think, if I cut out or replaced either my morning cereal or my evening porridge, I could still be losing at quite a good rate. Or even cut out the lunch time bread roll, which I will be doing by the end of the week (I will have run out lol)

All in all, I'm shocked at how well I have done, and pleased that the route I have taken this time seems somewhat more natural. The daily intake neither feels too little, nor boring. So its more than sustainable.

Part of me wants to drop below 200lbs again, but the sensible part of me knows I'm good where I am now, and just need to focus on the health side of things from now on.

So that was a boring update to read I bet, but for once I'm chuffed to bits.

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