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I am sure most people who know me are familiar with the gruesome twosome aka Tuvaaq and Aanaga. My two Alaskan Malamute's. Surrogate kids, furry company, or just a distraction from day to day life. They have served many roles over the years.

More recently, especially over the past couple of weeks, I have taken to having a little bit of quiet time with each of them. Sit on the floor, snuggle up with one of them, and make a bit of a fuss of them. Never when they are seeking attention, but more when I feel like giving some affection.
Both seem to have grown quite accustomed to this, and just enjoy the moment, staying relaxed rather than getting all excited as they did in years gone by. Probably one of the reasons I have not really made too much fuss of them before.

I realised that they are the continuity in my life, the one remaining constant that exists, and somehow makes everything seem OK, even when I am having a bad day. So it is nice to give them the fuss they deserve once in a while.
Before anyone gets carried away, calm cuddles and strokes, or curling up with the dog is my idea of fuss. Not toys, treats and excitement. Each to their own.

No idea why I am writing this, but think it is probably a combination of keeping my mind busy, and avoiding all the negativity. Trying to focus on some positives for once.

As a basic update on things at the moment. Still struggling to get my mind in gear. Over exerting myself ridiculously  at the moment in order to stay calm and alert. Today's distraction was two and a half hours walking through Richmond Park, for which my feet and legs have not yet forgiven me. Might do a piece on that tomorrow. But for now. Thanks to my dogs for keeping me at least this sane.

What a great start to the day. For starters when I woke up this morning, my eyes were just not interest in getting up, and refused to open. Eventually time and necessity got the better of me, so I got up. Just in time for the postie to deliver something I have been waiting for. My LED spotlights for the light unit in my bedroom.

Unwrapped and installed within seconds...... And they are utter shit! Flash bright then go very dim, which is not use to me. Then to add insult to injury, as I tried to remove one of them, it fell apart. Needless to say I have contacted the seller and am awaiting a reply to see what they wanna do about it. Lesson learned, cheap LED bulbs are NOT worth it!

Then it was dog walking time. Getting it in asap, as mum had a nurse coming late morning. Progress was good, about half a mile from home I got word that the nurse would be home very soon.... So started running. Ran the half mile home only to find that the nurse was already there and in. Tuvaaq was in the kitchen. So that was a waste of energy lol, but a nice run all the same.

Sorry to the people startled by seeing Aana running up the road, I was getting some rather strange looks to say the least. Feels good to push yourself from time to time though I have to say.

Next up, once the carer has been, its off to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for mum. Another day with lots of walking, seems like they are never ending recently. My intake has gone up a little to allow for this, but not sure where that leaves me weight wise. I am definatly losing more size as clothes are getting looser and looser (and not stretching to match my girth! Lol)

I might have a low intake day in the next day or two and a weigh in to see where I am with weight. Just out of curiosity more than anything. I am happy with my health improvement, that's the main thing. As I said before the next step is toning, and I really must get my finger out and get on with that. Talk is cheap! Time to knuckle down and get on with it. Starting with abs and tri's.

In fact, as soon as I'm back from the walk to the pharmacy, I'm going to do a bit of each, and get this show on the road.

Other than that, life is pretty dull. Thankfully mum has stabilised for the time being. Still a little confused about a few things, but trying harder to eat and drink etc. Still loves to moan and huff about things too.

Just a quick mention to Kim who is in hospital. Hope its not a long stay for you hun, and I will be up asap to see you 🙂 x


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