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... and I really don't give a crap!
Feb 14th comes and goes every year,  same razzmatazz,  nothing changes except for the age I give when asked,  and my demographic in some cases. 43 this year,  and mentally I feel every year of it. Behaviour and physically of course are other matters entirely. I have ducked out of the whole of February for years now,  and as the years pass,  I have more and more reason to do so. This year especially. Of course it's that V day thing too,  and yeah,  I have no one,  sob bloody sob!

So this year I am going to do it differently... Oh tell a lie,  no I'm not. I'm going off the grid, out of London and spending some me time. Mainly driving,  probably mostly stuck in traffic, but it's a big middle finger up to the expectations of the date. I'm not sulking (much)  not boycotting (not totally),  just refusing to conform,  and being a lonely old bastard.  After all its what I do best.

Facebook is going off this evening,  and back on when I can be bothered,  phone going on silent,  I will be driving after all. Pretty sure it will be a shitty day,  and pretty boring too.  But it will be of my own making,  and I will have no one to blame but myself. As long as I end the day able to sleep and with a sense of satisfaction,  who cares. My gift to myself. What more could I want (or let's be honest,  expect either)

Thanks to those who have sent cards,  I promise I haven't thrown any straight in the bin this year.

As  a whole I am still pretty up and down with moods. Yesterday for example you would imagine after so many positives I would relax and sleep well ... Errm nope. Hopeless night of struggling to sleep, and waking all night long. Bad dreams,  as has been the norm for a few days now) and woke up feeling negative. Just goes to show,  my mind is a frickin mess.

Anyway,  just catching up,  sure only a few people will see this as I'm not posting a link anywhere,  just getting it all off my chest.

Bye for now.

After deep thought and careful contemplation, the final outcome to my recent train of thought, is, "bollox to it".
A lot has gone on over recent weeks and months, health, personal life, work life, home etc. Lots to think over, loads to consider, and I have realised something. The more I rely on others, the more involvement others have on my day to day life, the more complex things become.

Right now, simplicity rules my life, having found a solitary existence, blocking out all sorts of external influences, and getting into my own solid routine was working well. Then came hospital appointments, changed priorities, and worst of all, a change in the routine I had found.

Training has slipped to one side, my creative mind has turned to absolute shit, and eating is terrible. All stuff three months ago which were high on my list of priorities. I have let myself become distracted, and have fallen victim to myself.

The worst part about the whole thing is my damn mind. Unable to let anything go, dwelling on random crap that just brings me down. Turning the slightest hiccup in to an almighty fuck up in a single heartbeat. If only my brain could just do what it did on meds, and just let shit slide once in a while, I'm sure I could be much happier.

My problem is free time, thinking time, dwelling time. If I stick to my plan and stay busy, my mind doesn't get a look in. The day flies by, spirits stay high, and negativity can just go do one. But having fallen from routine, I have these awkward gaps in my day and week which desperately need plugging. Its almost like a sanity leak.

The dilemma kills me time and time again. Boring but solid routine, or exciting but risky existence, with scope for dive bombing moments of disappointment, which can spiral into moments like this.
I trust routine, I crave routine, but maybe my routine needs a little freshening up. Nothing wrong with change here and there eh.

Right now though, I want to go to sleep this evening, wake on Monday morning with a huge cup full of motivation, a little luck on my side with my achillies, to allow me to get on with life, and slip back into routine. Chances of it happening like that are pretty damn slim, but hey, got to stay positive, right!

So many trains of thought all leaving the station together right now, tugging my heart and mind in so many directions, and it's confusing the hell out of me, wants, desires, ambitions, and inhibitions... Which way to go. Time to take the fall of faith, and just let myself drift into the path which wins me over I guess.

With all that out of my head, I am going to go and lay in bed and stare at the ceiling until my eyes can't stay open any longer. Then drift off into a state of broken sleep, filled with flashing images of the past, the future, and all that terrifies me. And you thought Halloween was a time of fiction and fun. Well, welcome to Halloween in my head! It's not pretty.

I bid you farewell for now, and remember... Bollox to it all !