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“Those bloody steroids!”

Regardless of the fact they have got mum back on her feet and feeling better, they are of course the devil. (Well they are red!)

Her first comment this morning as I got them out of the packet was "those bloody steroids, I have been up since 3am"

I am starting to see a pattern now, and her comments moments ago confirmed that.

Speaking to the carer while waiting on a cup of teas, she was talking about her meds. She described her fluid replacement sachets to the carer a little something like this.

"I am meant to be drinking more to help clear a urine infection, but the doctor put me on these, and they stop me from going to the loo"

No dear, they replace the missing glucose and sodium in your body to allow your body to retain the necessary fluids to function properly. Any by all accounts, they seem to be working a treat.

After complaining to everyone for 2 days that if she drinks, she just wee's it out, now we are at the opposite end of the spectrum.

By her description the urine is getting weaker now, which shows the anti bi's are working, and flushing with fluids is helping, but now there is less to complain about there, its time to switch tactics. She has not mentioned kidney pain today, so has hopefully forgotten that for now, and its not really going to turn into a kidney infection (for her sake)

She managed to open the door to the carer herself today, which was impressive. Nice to see her motivated to interact with the new carers.

Right, let's see what the rest of the day can bring lol

Have a good one, enjoy the sunshine



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