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WTF is going on?

Jeez as if going home today isn't bad enough, the journey is just here to torment me now. First train made an emergency stop from speed, refreshing to know the brakes work, thanks for that.

On arrival at St Pancras my stupid damn ticket would not work through the barriers, leaving me queuing being a stack of tourists trying to use all manner of tickets, etickets and passes. I then discovered my connection was NOT coming due to flooding on the line.

Next up, well I had to get a tube to London Bridge. Hot day, sweaty people, yucky time to be on a tube, let alone when you are having a bad day.

OK so finally made it to London Bridge, result....

Nope, 5 mins before the train was due to depart it had no platform... Eventually 2 mins before it was due to leave, that word appeared.... DELAYED! Next train due in 15 mins but already had a platform, so I headed for that. My useless damn ticket still won't work on the barriers, but eventually I'm through and on the train. Sorted!

Errm nope, after 5 mins the doors locked, lights went out and AC went off. So we sat there for another 5 wondering wtf was going on.

I am however please to report the train is now moving and heading for Forest Hill.... I hope!

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