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A clear head, a fresh start

Before anyone points out the obvious, yes, I know I have been here before, but it's been a long time, and sometimes we let things slip over time. 

Last week, my brain caught fire, I lost myself in the world of social media, and my thoughts were drowned out by the voices of other. Time to hit the kill switch for a bit, and get back to my senses. Deactivating my Facebook was refreshing and gave me a little space to think things through, and find my footing again. I was simply spending too much time on social media, and not spending enough time with myself.

Obviously I have had a week to myself to re-evaluate things, and here I am sharing this blog entry on the very same platforms I hid from, but hopefully with a little bit of a change. Having swapped phones today, my plan is NOT to have Facebook on my main daily phone, but instead just on the iPhone. Given how little I use it, it should control things a little better than before. So if anyone posts something and thinks I am ignoring them, I am not (well I kinda am), I will get around to seeing it in the end, but only once I pick up the other phone. 

Not quite sure why this is even a blog entry to be honest, I guess if anything it is to remind me what the masterplan is, and what I am trying to achieve here. 

So, back on Facebook, but only as a part timer lol. As for Twitter, I am keeping that at arms length, but still using it for information, traffic etc. 

Most posts will probably be on Instagram, and auto shared to Facebook via account linking. 


Right, enough rambling, and explaining... Have a good weekend all. 

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