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A little embarrassed

To say the least! I have a habit when I am off work of watching PMQ's. Prime Ministers Questions. Now as everyone knows every now and then, we as citizens of this great country take time out to vote for someone to represent us and our local constituency on the national forum in the House of Commons. Rarely these days to we know much about these people and their background, in fact most don't even know what their plans are. Instead we take it back to playtime at infant school and vote for nothing more than our favourite colour.

There is daily outrage in the country about the state of the country, the leadership, the laws and the benefit system, yet so few people actually take the time to know what they are voting for at all. The grass is always greener, tackle some real crimes, lower taxes, pay my rent... All the usual shit that the uneducated and lazy people of the country moan about.

So back to PMQ's before I forget. WE, the people voted these people in. We, the people are responsible for each bum on the seat, and we the people are thoroughly embarrassed each time these people of power and responsibility act like a class full of 8yr olds with a supply teacher.
You would not accept a cop driving down the road, hanging out the window shouting get ya tits out. Nor a fireman whopping his chopper out to piss on a litter bin fire. If your milkman threw your bottles up your path, you would complain, and if your food at McDonalds is cold its the end of the world..... Yet time and time again we stand by and watch this bunch of childish clowns embarrass us on the world stage.

Never mind MP's expenses... I want them docked wages for every time they act like pre-pubecent teenagers in the underwear section of M&S. PMQ's is 30 mins to raise issues for future debate, question actions and get the whole house together for an address. Not for a food fight, not for jeering and sneering, and not for shouting each other down.

So please MP's... Learn to shut the fuck up, grow up, and behave in the civilised manner that the laws of this country dictate we live by in society. You are shameful and embarrassing.



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