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That's what makes things 'real' to us. We are presented with something, and from the facts we have, added to our beliefs, and spiced up with a little of our knowledge, we have real life. Or our perception of it at least.
The human mind is a complex thing, and given the way it works, it is hardly a surprise that with such a simple set of facts, we can be left with so many different opinions and beliefs from it all.

From an early age we start to form opinions, some we are guided on by our parents and significant peers, and others we develop through experiences we have, and how they work out.
Spiders, perceived by many as creepy and scary, but only because this is impressed upon us by our parents, and other older people from an early age. From this point on, we perceive a spider to mean danger, fear, and something to avoid. If we are able to open our mind enough to reassess this later in life, we can actually change our view of this.

The same can be said for so many other things in life, from religious belief, political belief, and even attitude towards sexuality. But these bigger things in life are rarely up for discussion or reassessment later in life. In fact, once we have a belief in these fields, most would struggle to reconsider.

Its not a bad thing as such, differences in opinion are what make conversation. Critical dialogue that is needed in day to day life in order to reach sensible decisions, and compromise. A decision immediately being unanimous is not a common thing, and we have opinion and perception to thank for this.

How dangerous would life be if it was as simple as an idea becoming reality with no further consideration of discussion. But at the same time, how great could things be if blinkered people could just see past their beliefs and be willing to consider other peoples thoughts, emotions and perceptions of a situation.

Sexuality, race, religion. Three of the greatest fighting points of mankind. Because we have differences there, and because it is beyond discussion and conversation, there is only one thing left. Hatred! And how crazy is that! (My perception of it anyway)

We have a beautiful gift called life, and really should be free to live it the way we choose to. There are of course moral issues here, and other peoples well being and happiness counts. So obviously rape, pillaging, and murder would be out of the question. After all we are 'civilised' now, or so we would believe. There we go again, perception!

A tribesman would have you believe that he is advanced, and comfortable, as would a playboy millionaire. Generations of families in the 3rd world have continued by reproduction at an annual rate, to ensure one offspring will survive. This is also true in nature, and 'acceptable'. However advanced, civilised society says the loss of a child us unacceptable and un-natural, therefore we fight against this with humanitarian aid. Sadly it is human nature to continue doing what we know, so while the advanced world continues saving lives, the 3rd world continues making them at a phenomenal rate, and the population continues to boom.

That's my perception of the world anyway. Religious people should embrace their OWN beliefs, and live within the boundaries that they set for themselves. While not bothering others of other beliefs with hatred and threatening behaviour.

People of all sexualities and races should be able to live together without prejudice. Why should one persons creed or colour dictate how we behave towards them, and why should someone who is attracted to someone of the same sex be frowned upon? It happens in the animal kingdom, to which we fundermentally belong to, and we watch on with amazement and nothing else. You don't kill a male dog for mounting another male dog for example.

I could go on all night, but will end by saying, the world you see, the world we all share...... Its all about perception. Open your mind a little, and take one moment to consider why someone acts the way they do, or thinks the thoughts they have.... Its really quite eductional!



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