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Formality and a eulogy

I have returned to Wales after the passing of my Aunt Joan,to pay my respects, offer my thanks, and to deal with some of the formalities of the matter. As previously agreed between myself, Chris the carer and her husband Dyfrig who is both an undertaker and an executor of the will.

So first things first, its Monday morning, first working day since Joan left us on Sat 23rd. Todays agenda is as follows. Get the medical certificate from the home and make arrangements with the Registry office in Llandudno to officially register the death, and get the numerous copies of the certificate that everyone seems to want a GENUINE copy of. I know the appointment in London took a few days to arrange for mum, so not sure what the availability will be here.
Shortly after typing this I made the call, and made an appointment, 1.30 this afternoon it will be 'official'.

After that is arranged, next up is to contact the solicitor for any legalities to be undertaken, such as the estate etc. Im not sure yet if this will be a simple phonecall or will require a meeting of sorts. I have the correct attire in case this is the case.

Once the legal stuff is out of the way, the task of getting the finishing touches to the arrangements for Joan beings, and first up is the date to be set for the funeral. Thankfully Dyfrig having insider info helps, so we can work together there to get a suitable time and date for everyone to manage. With people travelling from afar time needs to be allowed for their arrangements too. At the moment we are looking early next week for the funeral.
When the date is set, then its onto the arrangements for the day, the order of service document, getting that typeset and into print, and then the bit I am dreading the most, the eulogy.

Not sure if I am the best person to write and read such a passage as my timeline with Joan is peppered with holes and gaps. But I will sure give it a good go, and will start to write something this afternoon, once I have got a rough idea of what goes. I always imagine them to be almost like a best man speech, not that I have done one of those either but you know what I mean.  I have plenty of stories to tell and memories to share, some going back to single digit ages for me. I am sure I will find the right words and format when the mood takes. Then there is delivering it.... eeek!

I know a lot of the plan is all in place, everything is paid for, the arrangements for coffin, flowers etc are all as Joan wished, and were organised by her over 2 years ago when she first knew she had terminal cancer. So in a funny way, thank you Joan for being so organised, and saving everyone the stress of getting things right or wrong. We shall not worry as we know your choices are as you wished.

Again, in between typing, we have got a date set for the funeral now, which is Tues 12th March. That seems an eternity away to me, but I have to respect the wishes of others involved, and to allow for the movement of people. So thats that for now.

Back later with lots more to say, and maybe even get started on a eulogy.

Have a good day.

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