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Lunt’s Reunited

It's a strange day today. With the 23rd Fed marking what would have been mums 75th birthday, and now it also marks the passing of my Aunt Joan. Something said all along that to say would be the right day to go, if there is such a thing.
 For the spiritual out there it is a beautiful thing that Mary, Ann and now Joan Lunt are together upstairs now for the celebration of mums birthday, and their time here with us. Looking down and seeing the differences they have made in so many people's lives, including us the family. 
For those not sharing such views, it is a lovely day for me to remember forever. Two huge occasions on my calender of life, the birth of a great woman, my mother, and the passing of her bigger sister. Someone I have turned to over recent years for friendship, company, guidance and the occasional reality check here and there. 
However you see the day, it is a day I will remember forever, and am happy and my mind at rest knowing the suffering is over, the pain is gone, and Joan would be pleased that she is not a burden, something that bothered her deeply.
So as I write this, I am on the train platform heading to Innocence Needle to get mums tribute piece finished on this carefully chosen day. Started on the anniversary of her passing, finished on the day of her birth, and now Joans passing. Maybe a fitting time to get a little scratch to get Joans piece under way too? 
Right that's me. 
Rest In Peace aunty Joan. With me forever for sure. Say hi to the girls for me. 

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