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This time next week

In short, this time next week it will all be over. The planning has come to an end right now, so it's just waiting on Tues 12th to come around.
I am of course talking about the funeral of my late aunt Joan Hughes. With so much already planned by her, it seemed there was very little to do, but looks can be deceiving to say the least.
But with everything from timing to flowers planned now, it's just travel and legalities left, as well as the eulogy which I am still left to do. I have drafted it a few times now but nothing I am happy has come out of my head yet. Plenty of time yet, I thinkĀ 
I travel up on the train on Monday then meet with the solicitor, then off to pick up a hire car. Oh a hire car, it's been a while since I had one of those haha.
After the service there are some formalities of course, but then it's time to relax for a day or two, much needed I might add.
Looking forwards to the train journey there though, well priced and faster than a car, so makes sense to me. I think it works out cheaper to get a train then hire a car, than it does to pay for petrol on the drive up.

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