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Not quite to plan.

There is no denying that we took a huge a positive step forwards yesterday. Moving mum from the hospice to Westwood House went quite smoothly all things considered. Arriving there with all the possessions she had requested, and my sister being there with the kids, so we could ease her into the new place.

She loved the room, chair is a little bit low thought. Loves the location, the gardens, and thinks the food is out of this world. Is not unhappy with the smoking arrangement, and enjoying being out there to watch the world go by for a bit. So all in all a good start.

That was until one of the many staff members who were introducing themselves said to her "so are you with us for good Ann".... Oops. No mum said. During the remainder of the conversation mum indicated that she was only in there for respite, but was not sure for what duration. This sort of backs up what she said the day before about coming home and the dogs.

The last thing I want now is confusion, awkward conversations of when she is going home, and for her to be distressed. I guess there is some understanding in my mind of how this has happened. When we spoke about it we said there was no hard and fast rule that she had to stay, and if she didn't like it she could come home again (if all was in order for the right level of care).

The hope now is that she will like it there, get into the routine of things, and settle nicely. Its a great little room, with all she needs. Dining room just outside, toilet and bathroom just outside, next door to the general manager, nice view out the window, close to the exit and to the garden etc. What more could a mum want.

However, with all the positives come a few negatives. She was getting frustrated with people coming in and out to see her, but then its early days so they have to get her familiarised. Annoyed that they changed her bed table, as she had got it all organised.

Right, so positive mind. Off up there now with the intentions of checking, chatting and distracting her from the negatives, and trying to build her up a bit. Friends coming over later too, which I hope will be appreciated.

Wish me luck!



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