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Today is the big move!

Well in some peoples minds it is. To others its an excuse.... Let it go Michael, let it go, lol.
So from this morning, with the aid of my sister, I shall attempt to move my mum into her new home. Never in my life did I see this day coming, but then I have got used to surprises. For example, as I type this, one of the dogs has just thrown up in the hallway, yay!

My only concern at this stage are a couple of comments made by mum yesterday. A little confusion, referring to a doctor from 30 years ago, she has never done that before. Doubts and upset at a doctor who worked on her ear recently, during which mum claims they blocked her ear with ear drops which set hard. And finally reference to the dogs, stating they would be a problem when she needs the loo. Which indicates somewhere in her mind she is still coming home at some point.

So who knows what to expect. Maybe its just a little pre move stress causing a bit of confusion. Or maybe she thinks its a brief stop-over. But at the same time she had a long discussion with Kate (WH manager) covering off her final wishes and dignity wishes once at the home.

Only one way to find out I guess.....

Til then, I am going to rest, let my morning meds take effect, and gear myself up for what else is coming today.
Got to try and fit in time seeing about financial support in the meantime too. *sigh

Thanks for reading 🙂
Have a great day.

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