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Dear Doubters……

This is where I am posting this entry from.
If you are such a do-gooder, try coming to volunteer here once in a while!

I thought I would take the time to type you a little entry all of your own. Whoever you are, however many of you there are, you deserve something directly from me to you. Seeing as you take the time to read this blog so often. So here we go.

In the time you have read this blog, misinterpreted it, and made your judgements which you choose to sell to others as facts, others have taken the entries at face value, with a pinch of salt where required, and accepted that all entries are open to change, especially entries about the future.

Some who actually give a shit, who know what they are reading, and know myself and my family have even offered comments and help where possible. However you choose to sit in the wings, watching silently, reporting back, spreading rumours, and bitching about me behind my back. Are you someone I call a friend? Do I afford you the time of day, or even offer you help and advice? Or are you just some sort of vindictive little fucker that I work with, who doesn't have the spine to speak to me about your concerns?

Either way, I would rather know who this/these people are, not for revenge, nor an argument, but more so I can save my time and breath from engaging in conversation with you, and most of all, sae my piss should you burst into flames! Everyone has their place in life, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and these are mine of you.

On your actions you have caused more harm to me than you could ever imagine, causing distress, upset, and worst of all, causing my mum worry about my wellbeing, when all I should be doing right now is caring for her. If you didn't realise the repercussions of your actions, then I forgive you in the beat of my heart. If you intended malice, then I congratulate you, and suggest you watch for the backlash of karma.

But just for the record, and this is really important for all to know... Whatever you throw at me, whatever you do to beat me down, I will stand proud, determined to do "the right thing". I refuse to be judged by others, I am equal to all, no man is greater nor lesser than I. I will stand by my family, and laugh as hard as I can manage at your futile attempts to bring me down.
I have pride in myself, and do the things I do, because I choose to see them as the right path to take. I regret nothing I do, and will not be forced into changing such decisions.
I will answer to only one person, and take whatever judgement you have of me as nothing more than uneducated opinion.
Whatever the price, I stand tall, while you stoop in my shadows.... Shame on you.

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