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Off the grid


After a really shit start to the day, and a pretty crappy days prior to this, I decided to pull the plug on my ‘social’ activities for the day, well at least today, maybe longer. I didn’t see the point in pretending to be socialble when I really don’t feel it.

So off has gone the data connection on my Blackberry, signed out of Twitter, Facebook deactivated, headphones in, David Guetta live session on, and blank out the world for the time being.


Not quite sure why im feeling like this right now, nothing majorly up with me, just pretty fed up and tired and could really do with a break. However getting time off work at the moment is impossible due to shortages of staff, sickness, and holidays being booked up. Seems every time I try and get some time off there is something stopping it happen.


Just sick and tired of being in the office now, lies, loud voices, and bad habits all really grinding me down now. I have expressed my desperation to the boss about some time off, and can only hope that the break comes before the explosion from within. I am coming pretty close to it right now I have to tell you. Just need a day or two to chill out, relax and do my own thing, then after that hopefully I will return to normal. That or medication!


So if you have tried to get in touch with anything other than good old fashioned SMS or voice call, im afraid you will be out of luck.


How long will this last, I dont know, but I have to say in a strange way its actually quite enjoyable.


Me...... out!

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