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That heart stopping moment

The late night phone call from someone who is caring for an elderly relative. What could they possibly have to say to you at this time of night?
Well last night was my moment, with Chris, my aunts carer calling me at after 10.30 at night. First the home phone rung, and I ignored it, having had numerous PPI calls at all sorts of hours. Then the mobile went too.
Looking down and seeing 'Chris (Joan)' my heart stopped.

Walking to the kitchen to take the call, my worry was soon put to rest, with Chris saying she had not realised the time before calling, and was sorry to call so late..... Phew!

It wasn't all good news though, Chris is always forthcoming with updates, and this was no different. Joan is now having problems with her shoulder. The doctor has diagnosed a frozen shoulder, but the treatments are not doing much for it. Combined with Joan's similar attitude to meds and treatment as mum had, she is an awkward patient. Not wanting stronger pain killers, or treatment injections, but eventually agreeing to try both.

Chris reports that Joan is in considerable discomfort with her shoulder, and even the anaesthetic in the steroid injection not giving much relief to the pain.

Obviously the thought has to cross your mind that maybe this is a spread of the bone cancer into a little used joint. Now this is just guessing, and you have to take the doctors diagnosis at face value. However Chris also reports that Joan is losing weight quite quickly now, and on and off her food.

While there is no immediate call for me to visit, obviously I don't want to miss a second, so am really keen to show my face there again some time soon, just so she knows I care as much as I said from the outset, and I keep my word that I'm there for each twist and turn.

This news combined with the news of the new lumps, and the slowing/stopping of the effectiveness of the meds she was on, it is only natural to fear the worst is coming at some point. But that said, she is like mum with her fight being non stop, and hanging in there forever. Its been a couple of years since she was first diagnosed with a tough fight ahead. I bet the cancer wasn't expecting a fight like this. Go Auntie Joan 🙂

So that's my heart stopper for the day.

Back to normality for me today, or at least that's the plan. Time will tell.



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