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Where’s your head at?

Been a little bit off the mark recently, and a little off my usual rhythm. Not quite sure what's going on, winter blues maybe. But the truth is nothing is really up as such.

Seems that I just miss my cues on my day to day life, and once you are out of sync, the day can just crumble. Yesterday was a good example of this with a really crappy start to the day. Thankfully by the end of it I was back on form. A little music in my ears, and a few good decisions made the day a bit more bareable.

So what do I need to do moving forwards now to keep me sane. Well I think the key is adapting to winter time, knowing its damp out, realising the dogs are going to get wet on walks and being prepared for that, and probably the biggest problem for me right now is keeping the beast caged.

The beast being the animal inside that wants to escape during training. The same beast that keeps allowing me to push a little too hard and end up with small training injuries like I have now.

Quite simply, if my day doesn't begin with intense physical activity, I run the risk of it turning into a pretty shitty day. Energy building up inside just leads to frustration, impatience, and anxiety.

Here's to a good day for all, maybe even me.



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