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Off to the hospice we go…


After an afternoon of phonecalls, confusion for everyone and some stress, we finally had a breakthrough at about 5.40.

The doctor called, as did the hospice nurse to say they had secured a bed for mum in the hospice, so mum will be somewhere safe, that can help in the next hour or so. No arguments, just a few frowns and groans, so all is well.

Now that she is not trying to do anything, and just sitting in the front room "relaxing", her frustration and aggression has calmed down somewhat, which is a relief.

So the ambulance is booked, and due by about 6.30. I will follow down there and get her settled in for the night, make sure she has everything that she needs, and a proper handover is done to the ambulance crew and the hospice staff. What to expect etc.

After that, chill the f**k out for a bit, and try and settle my mind a little. Today has put a strain on everyone involved, so everyone needs to take a deep breath (or a happy pill in my case) and recharge their batteries a little, ready for whatever comes next.

Thanks for reading todays events.



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